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What coaching with me is NOT

Coaching with me is a lot of things. It is focused. It is pointed and intentional. We'll dig deep into the hard stuff, identify the roadblocks, and work hard to get you moving forward fast. 


Here are three things that it is not. 

It is NOT counseling

Good coaching is not simply about resolving your personal challenges. Counseling is a valuable resource but I will help you move forward on your goals. There is a big difference.  

It is NOT consulting

I don't bring the action plan I help you find it. I'll work with you to hone your skills, find your direction, and get where you want to go but I won't simply tell you where that is. 

It is NOT cheerleading

You don't need a cheerleader. You need someone to go deep. Strategize. Ask the hard questions. I'll be your biggest fan and I'll do a happy dance when you succeed, but not from the sidelines and not before we've done the work. 

Three questions you should ask.



Before we begin, let's find out if this is a good fit.

Are you globally mobile?

I focus primarily on people whose lives are impacted by global mobility. You may be (or have been) an expat, dreaming about it, or just love someone who is. Your dreams and goals may feel completely unrelated and that is totally ok. Doing real life globally is my thing and those are the people I most want to serve. 

Are you willing to dig deep?

My coaching is all about getting down to the core and discovering the real barriers that are keeping you from moving forward. I will ask hard questions and set high expectations. Not everyone is ready for that - if you are then let's do this. 

Are you ready to move forward?

We're not just going to make plans. You've already done that. We are going to turn those plans into practical, concrete action. Come prepared to chart the course but be ready for the journey. 

What to expect


A coaching relationship is about so much more than our one-hour sessions. Before, during, and after our times together, here's what you can expect. 


You'll have my attention on and offline. Check-in any time. Ask questions. Share your progress. Tell me when you fell short and we'll go from there. I'll do the same and we'll take the full journey together. 

Relevant Extras

When it's right, I'll share resources that you will need along the way. I'll connect you to people who can support your process. You'll have access to anything I have that will move you forward.  


You've been sitting in the same spot long enough. Together, we will get you where you want to go. It's not magic. It's won't be easy. It will be the right movement in the right direction. 

Package Pricing



Prices include coaching sessions, out of session access, and relevant resources. 


Hike: 500 USD


4 one hour sessions over the course of two months.

Steering Wheel.png

Drive: 900 USD


8 one hour sessions over the course of four months.


Fly: 1700 USD


16 one hour sessions over the course of eight months.

Ready to take the first step?


Whether you are all in or still have some questions, send me a note and let's start the conversation. Or schedule a free, no-obligation, call with me and we'll find out if this is the right direction for you.