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Your international team.

More effective.

Life abroad has a massive impact on your most valuable resource -- your people. 


Let's work together to ensure their success

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The ONE-TWO Punch

The right training is a solid way to chart the course for your international team. That, partnered with ongoing coaching, is the most effective way to keep them on the right path over time. 

Contact me to develop a strategic, long term plan for your global team. 


What's your thing?

Got dreams? Goals? A vision for what your global future could look like but not sure how to get there?

Let's work together to get you

where you want to be. 

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Get The Day Grandma Got Us Kicked Out of Mexico.

This is a fun little book that anyone who has lived abroad will relate to. A compilation of humorous stories of my personal bumblings as an American expat abroad with the sole purpose of giving you a laugh at my expense. You're welcome.


Stories include

Confessions of a Language Faker, How Not to Get 28 Enormous Hickeys on Your Back, The Funniest Thing I've Seen in a Chinese Toilet All Week and many more. 

Here's the title chapter (just for fun)

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About Me


My name is Jerry Jones and I can't imagine a better experience than living abroad. I love it and I get to walk with people as they navigate the hard parts and discover the joy in their global lives. 

I am a cross-cultural trainer, coach, and writer who helps individuals and organizations, all over the world, do this thing well. I have lived in China, with my family since 2006 and in that time have moved to four different cities, including a brief repatriation to the U.S. I am currently preparing for yet another big move to Europe. 

So yeah. I get it. The changes keep coming and the transition never ends. Even so, I'm that guy who genuinely believes that can be rich. 



If you're an expat, a repat, or you love someone who is, I want to hear your story and support you in your journey.