A weekly group that will add

rocket fuel to your new thing.

Tying Shoelaces

Are you starting something NEW?

New business? New country? New work?


If you are on the front end of a new endeavor, this mastermind is designed especially for you. Nothing sets you up for success like deep connection and instant feedback from a group of peers with similar challenges, motivated to find similar solutions. 

Save the dates!


Starting: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ending: Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021

(6 months)

Every Tuesday

8am US Eastern Time


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Meet in your PJ's

In true COVID fashion all meetings will be held in your living room, at your kitchen table, or on your front porch via zoom. 


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Limited Enrollment


This mastermind will be limited to a small group (no more than 15) to ensure you get the attention and focus you need.  

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"This mastermind is all about getting your ‘new thing’ out there into the world, and guess what? Within four months I piloted my new programme. The power of this group lies in encouraging you to turn intention to action and beyond. I highly recommend joining Jerry and his ‘New Thing Mastermind’"


Thriving Abroad, UK


"The New Thing mastermind has been an incredible environment for me to grow past former experiences of procrastination & discouragement to pioneering new projects and visions. Jerry is a master at creating a safe space where you can be open and vulnerable. It's an incredible place to rub minds, receive wisdom & honest feedback, all with the purpose of seeing your own new thing become a reality."


Global Impact Missions, Malta

The power of a mastermind

New Things get better when great minds come together. 


You are planning something amazing. You've got it in your head. You're doing the work. It's good. You can see it. 


How much better could it be though?


How much stronger would it be if you had a weekly think tank to share your ideas with? How much time could you save if you got proof of concept instantly? How much frustration could you avoid if you could hear from people who are traveling the same road? How much more likely would you be to follow through if you put yourself out there and other people held you to it?


That's the power of a mastermind.




A mastermind is a group of people with a common interest who meet regularly to encourage, inspire, challenge, learn, grow, and hold each other accountable. 

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"Experience the power of accountability and forward progress within a supportive group led by a skillful guide. Jerry Jones’ New Thing Mastermind is just what you need to help take your fledgling idea and move it from starting to existence to out in the world and growing.”


Resilient Global Transitions, US

The value of a mastermind

(here's what you can expect when you join)

Weekly Inspiration

The New Thing Mastermind will breathe new life into your best ideas. You'll get priceless insight from a like-minded group of people who share both your vision and your struggle.

Filament Bulb
Working from Home

You'll put your success on the line by sharing your next steps with people you can count on to hold your feet to the fire. 

Ongoing accountability

Priceless feedback

You'll discover what has worked and what hasn't from people who have already tried it. You'll save tons of time, money, energy, and frustration by testing the waters before you jump in. 

Online Workshop
Digital Network Cables

Meet people who know people who know other people. We love making connections.

A stronger network

Practical resources

We're not stingy in this mastermind. When we find something that works we are eager to share it. Your success is our success..

Round Library
Online Discussion

From time to time we bring in relevant specialists to shed light on the most pressing challenges of the group.

Expert advice

You. Celebrated.

We're in this together. Starting something new is challenging work. We'll walk with you through the hard stuff but when you crush it, we're right there to happy dance with you . 

Happy Man
Rocket Launch

From time to time we bring in relevant specialists to shed light on the most pressing challenges of the group.

Your new thing. Better. 


(two great options to fit your budget and your need)


You'll get

Weekly mastermind meetings

Access to the NTMM Facebook group

Additional resources

Network connections

USD 50/month


cancel membership at any time


full refund after your first month

if you don't love it (no questions asked)


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Everything in the STANDARD OPTION 


 a one on one coaching session every 

month to focus exclusively on your 

new thing (additional $150 value) 

USD 100/month

cancel or switch to standard at any time


full refund after your first month

if you don't love it (no questions asked)

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Let's launch new ... together


This is a limited group for a small number of people who are serious about moving forward on their new thing. If you would benefit from the strength and support of fellow adventurers, fill out the short application, tell me what you're starting and we'll go from there.


Still not sure? No problem. Ask away. 


Who I am

My name is Jerry Jones and I love new things. 


I am a coach, trainer, and transition specialist who has helped more than 2000 people all over the world begin their new thing. I have worked directly with business people, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, missionaries, students, educators, global nomads, executives, and many others to untangle the mess that comes with launching something new and develop a clear path forward. 

I believe in the power and the value of a mastermind because I have seen it work in my own life and in the lives of others.