Friends on a Mountain


I have trained hundreds of globally mobile people to start stronger, stay longer, and finish well. 

Regardless of where your team is on their cross-cultural journey, I can help them move past the challenges, be productive, and enjoy the journey.


You've got goals. I can help you reach them. 

Let's get there together. 

The right training is a powerful catalyst.

Great training charts the course for international teams. Starting, staying, or ending without it can be a costly mistake. Giving people the right tools at any point in their journey sets them on a path toward success.


 I provide customized training that is designed to connect and drive results.  


My training focuses hard on connection. Understanding culture is only a part of what it takes to live and work internationally. I'll help your team build a plan that keeps them physically, mentally, and professionally healthy so you can meet your goals. 

Hands Together

Investing in a trainer for your cross-cultural team is a big decision.


I don't take that lightly and neither should you. Whatever your need, let's make sure this is a good fit before we begin the journey.


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